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Peace Corps Senegal

A wide variety of Americans represent Peace Corps Senegal. Coming from diverse backgrounds and every region of the US, volunteers leave behind all things familiar to serve and learn about the Senegalese for two years. Upon arrival, volunteers are whisked away to the training center in Thiès, a city 80 km outside the capital of Dakar. Volunteers remain in and around Thiès for their first two months in country, taking technical, local language and cultural courses to prepare them for service at their respective sites. Further language and cultural lessons take place during this time in villages around Thiès, where volunteers are placed in individual homestays specially selected to help volunteers integrate into and understand Senegalese culture. After the first two months spent going back and forth between Thiès and homestays, volunteers are officially sworn-in and then sent out to cities and villages all over Senegal.

Volunteer site assignments are based on matching the needs and requests of each village with the skills and experiences of the volunteer. Once at site, volunteers work closely with the community and local counterparts to help the community meet their need for trained men and women in whatever way they can. They are also there to help promote better understanding of Americans among the Senegalese and vice versa.

The application process to join the Peace Corps is quite rigorous. Each applicant goes through several evaluations and interviews, the time between applying and getting selected generally being nine months. Only one candidate in four becomes a volunteer – the ones who show the most qualifications and flexibility. Volunteers are not paid a salary; they receive a modest allowance in accordance to the size of their site that covers housing, food, and travel. At the end of their service, volunteers receive a small readjustment allowance to facilitate their return to life in the US.

Geographic Distribution

The program in Senegal consists of more than 230 Volunteers based in all areas of the country except the Casamance.

Peace Corps Programs in Senegal

  • Sustainable Rural Agriculture
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Environmental Education
  • Rural Health
  • Agroforestry
  • Small Enterprise Development

Peace Corps Administration

The Peace Corps Senegal headquarters are located in Ngor, in the capital of Dakar. The large administrative team consists of mostly Senegalese nationals and includes a Country Director, Associate Peace Corps Directors, medical officers, program secretaries, cross-cultural and language directors, several program and training assistants, a cashier, drivers, mechanics and a custodial staff, among other positions.

Contact Information

  • Peace Corps Logo

    Peace Corps Senegal
    Almadies Lot N/1 TF 23231
    Dakar Yoff
    BP 2534
    Tel: (221)33 859 75 75
    Fax: (221)33 859 75 90