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Immigrant Visas

Instructions for Medical Examination of Visa Applicants

Applicants for immigrant visas are required to have medical examinations by the U.S. Embassy approved panel physicians prior to issuing their visas.  Certain laboratory tests such as syphilis test and chest x-ray are also required.  Applicants are advised to bring with them copies of any medical record, prior x-rays, glasses if you wear them and immunization records.  Applicants should also be prepared to get additional vaccinations as required.  The fees for medical examinations and tests are the responsibility of the applicants.  The fees for applicants are:  CFA 25,000 for the medical examination; approximately CFA 20,000 for radiology (not required for children under 15); and approximately CFA 5,000 for blood sampling.  These fees do not include the cost of the vaccinations, which will also be the responsibility of the applicants.

Panel physicians are:

Dr. Hassan Bahsoun
Clinique Casahous
Rue de Thiong 
Tel: (221) 33.821.3614

Dr. Robert Rahmi
123, rue Joseph Gomis
Tel: (221) 33.821.0409

Dr. Awa Mbow Kane                   
Clinique Medic’Kane                                                     
81, Sacre-Coeur 3, VDN                
Tel: (221) 33 859 49 49

Applicants should make an appointment at least five (5) working days prior to their interview with one of the above physicians and present one picture which shall be affixed on the medical report by the Doctor. Applicants must bring their passports. Refugees must bring a document with their picture for verification of their identity. If the doctor finds no medical conditions which would preclude the issuance of a visa, he will return the form DS-2053 and the test results to the applicant. If there are questions about the medical results, the doctor will send the report directly to the Embassy.


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