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U.S. Embassy Supports Applied Arts Exhibition

The Selegalese minister of culture and the CAO looking the arts

The Selegalese Minister of Culture and the CAO looking the arts (U.S. Embassy Photo)

The CAO, Carry Jeffrey respond journalists questions

The CAO, Carry Jeffrey respond journalists questions (U.S. Embassy Photo)

Graduates of the National Art School of Dakar (ENA) have organized an exhibition of applied arts, including 60 academic acquisitions of the institution’s graduates for sale to the public, at Place du Souvenir Africain in Dakar from April 8 to 23, 2014.  This exhibition, which is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Senegal, falls under the Embassy’s education initiatives and activities.

The 2014 event is a window of communication, exchange, and sharing in two aspects.  First of all, it informs the public about the talent of ENA graduates and allows them to sell their artwork on the open market.  In addition, it presents these graduates sponsorship and serves to encourage their artistic development.

The Embassy’s representative at this event, Cultural Attaché Jeffrey Cary, underscored the students’ talent and encouraged the guests to buy the works of art.  Mr. Cary said “This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase the work of Senegal’s most talented young artists to a wider community, as well as to improve the school’s equipment and facilities.”

This year’s event highlights the creativity and the technical mastery of ENA graduates.  The National Art School of Dakar (ENA) is an institution offering junior, secondary, and higher education.  Its principle goal is to offer a fundamental, practical education in visual arts, theater arts, and cultural management professionals.